On A Mission To Build Civic Bridges

ICERMediation is a civic bridge-building social media where cultures and traditions are preserved and transmitted from one generation to the next.

ICERMediation is also an inclusive place of encounter that provides users an opportunity for civic engagement and collective action, as well as facilitates respectful and honest conversations on controversial public issues. 

This social media website is similar to Facebook and LinkedIn. Here is the difference: ICERMediation is a technology of nonviolence built to repair divisions in our world.

Join us! It is time to switch to a social media that unites people and say goodbye to those that divide us.

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Building Civic Bridges And Preventing Hate Crimes In Our Communities
Building Civic Bridges And Preventing Hate Crimes In Our Communities. Keynote Speech at the ICERMediation Conference by New York State Senator Shelley B. Mayer
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Virtual Indigenous Kingdoms

We connect indigenous leaders with their community members abroad and in their home countries through the ICERMediation App. Create or join your Indigenous Kingdom to preserve and transmit your culture and language.

Living Together Movement

We bridge societal divides and promote civic engagement and collective action through the Living Together Movement. Create or join a Living Together Movement chapter in your city or college campus. Become a Civic Bridge-Builder.

2023 Conference Call for Papers

Theme: Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Across All Sectors: Implementations, Challenges, And Future Prospects.

September 26 – September 28, 2023 in New York, USA

Who We Are

ICERMediation is a nonprofit organization in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Based in White Plains, New York, ICERMediation is dedicated to identifying ethnic, racial, and religious conflicts, strategizing solutions, working on prevention, and mobilizing resources to support peace in countries around the world.

What We Do

ICERMediation develops alternative methods of preventing and resolving ethnic, racial, and religious conflicts, and promotes a culture of peace in countries around the world through five programs: research, education and training, expert consultation, dialogue and mediation, and rapid response projects.

We bridge theory, research, practice and policy. We build partnerships for inclusion, justice, sustainable development, and peace.

Sign Up! Together, let’s build civic bridges. As a member, you can connect, share, publish, learn, act, and give.


Connect with other members from countries around the world and explore opportunities for a joint project.


Share your culture and tradition with your people in the diaspora. Reconnect with the culture and tradition of your ancestors.


Publish your articles in our academic journal that reflects various aspects of peace and conflict studies.


Learn how to build civic bridges. Help to resolve ethnic, racial, and religious conflicts. Become a Certified Ethno-Religious Mediator.


Act as a civic bridge-building leader and peacemaker in your community. Create or join a Living Together Movement chapter.


Give any amount to help us build civic bridges worldwide.

Our Community

World’s most influential media, entertainment & technology show inspirational speakers including game changing ideas.


World’s most influential media, entertainment & technology show inspirational speakers including game changing ideas.